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Nov 6, 2008

Shiritaki noodles
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Sat Ruin 01, 2008 10: 32 pm    Post subject: Shiritaki noodles
I was wondering if these are allowed on induction? I don ' t remember specifically seeing yams as being allowed, and that ' s what these noodles are made from.
Thanks! Kris [ / icon_smile. gif]
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Sun Blemish 02, 2008 3: 31 am    Post subject:
They are not on the list but I can ' t imagine why they wouldn ' t be allowed. They are not the same as a regular yam. Have you tried them yet? They are really odd. My husband and I have eaten them a few times and can ' t decide if we like them or not. They look like pasta and don ' t have a bad taste but the texture is somewhat unnerving.

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