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Oct 14, 2008

New to it and not sure it ' s working
Sunday Girl
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Fri Jul 18, 2008 3: 08 pm    Post subject: New to it and not sure it ' s working
Hi everyone, im Kate. [ / icon_biggrin. gif]
I ' m new here and to the diet.
I ' m on the fourth day of Atkins and i just don ' t recognise any
difference, i ' ve been a lot hungrier, i don ' t think i ' m in ketosis
at the moment, how do you tell?
I haven ' t weighed myself, and im pretty sure it isn ' t working.,
Also i ' ve been over my carb limit by 20 for two days. Does it
have to be at 20 grams a day to reach keotosis.
Please help!.
I also weigh 130 lbs, i don ' t mean to insult anyone but will it work
at this weight, the problem is i used to weigh 110 lbs before i
started going out getting drunk.
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Fri Jul 18, 2008 3: 28 pm    Post subject:
Welcome to the forums, and to Atkins.
First off let me say that it has to work. If the diet is followed, it certainly is incapable of not working. That ' s because this isn ' t just a diet where you restrict calories, and hope that you lose 1 lb or less a week just because you ' re 3, 000 cals under for the week.
If you succeed the diet in the fashion they tell you in the beginning, it starts a chemical suit in your body that begins to fasten the fat for energy instead of the carbohydrates that you eat.
Now in the beginning first couple of weeks or so, you must be strictly on engagement with what the diet says. You must JUMPSTART the ketosis case, or else the diet does not start. Once you are in ketosis, it ' s easier to manage it and to begin to add additional foods in.
Eating a cookie at month 2 is not so bad. Eating a cookie on Day 2 stops the whole thing. It ' s one of those kind of deals.
You ' re not insulting anyone by doing the diet at 130lbs, there are plenty of people who are 20 or so overweight at that weight and Atkins works perfectly for them. There are some things to address however.
Number 1 - Your Diet menu - Post exactly what you have been eating so we can look it over.
Number 2 - Follow the Induction Rules - This means get under the 20 carb limit, and do it by eating the right foods. Others will tell you to hit 20, I think you can skimp down to about 15 or so if wanted to get ketosis going. You DO have to get under 20 however, have to get ketosis started in order to begin to melt the fat.
Number 3 - Weigh Yourself - There ' s simply no way you can know if you are getting any results without doing some objective measurements.
Number 4 - Stop Drinking for at least Induction - Drinking will stall induction, and besides that, on any diet you won ' t lose weight while drinking. You can pour alcohol in a car and it will run. Your body is a chemical reactor just like a car engine. If you pour alcohol in it, it will burn it instead of your fat or carbs. Drinking fails weight loss. Period.
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Fri Jul 18, 2008 4: 32 pm    Post subject:
H, Kate,
Welcome! We ' re glad you ' re here!
If you stick to the Acceptable Foods list in the correct amounts, it ' s difficult to go over 20 carbs per day.
Print out the page linked below, stick it to your refrigerator, keep a copy in your purse, memorize it. It ' s your best friend while you are on Induction.
http: / / www. lowcarbsite. com / forum / viewtopic. php? t=10970
It ' s more important to keep to the correct amounts of Induction foods than it is to make sure that you are in ketosis.
If you want to test for ketosis, you can buy Ketostix in the diabetics supply area of your drugstore. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. Any color change at all indicates that you are in ketosis. Darker colors aren ' t necessarily better.

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