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Oct 14, 2008

anti - biotics and ketosis
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Sun May 11, 2008 10: 03 pm    Post subject: anti - biotics and ketosis
I am in ketosis and have just been put on antibiotics, I am wondering will they affect ketosis, I have been using the keto - sticks and noticed that the strip barely changed colour today even though I was well within my carb limit. Does it stop weight loss when you are on them? Any advice would be great, I don ' t know anybody else doing atkins and even though I have been reading about it there are still some things I am unsure about. Thanks
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Mon May 12, 2008 6: 47 am    Post subject:
Hmm... I have been on antibiotics whilst in ketosis and I was fine. Be absolutely sure that the pills you are taken are not coated in sucralose or some other sugar additive, because some do!
Also, as another blogger on here once said... being in ketosis is like being preggers.... [ / icon_eek. gif] either you are or you aren ' t! so, even a lighter shade still means that you ARE!.
Fear not, you can still lose weight just make sure your diet is on point and that you EXERCISE - - although depending on why exactly you are taking antibiotics may preclude how much exercise...
good luck! [ / icon_cool. gif]

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