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Oct 11, 2008

2 week stall, nearly ready to quit.
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Incorporate Sep 05, 2007 8: 15 am    Post subject: 2 week stall, nearly ready to quit.
I started so well on Atkins and still enjoy the food I eat but I have now stalled for just over 2 weeks and am begining to loose my resolve.
I am cutting down on cream and cheese. I am under 20 carbs a day if anything.
Dont know what else to do.
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Annex Sep 05, 2007 8: 39 am    Post subject:
How much weight do you need to loose as I think people with only a small amount to loose its a much slower weight loose. I need to loose about 20lbs but even though I ' m in ketosis its still coming off slowly
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Slap on Sep 05, 2007 9: 27 am    Post subject:
Hi, I have at least 30lbs to go. I use the ketostix everyday and am still in ketosis everyday.
It is nearly 4 weeks since I started and I have lost 11lbs in total which is where I was 2 weeks ago.
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Tie Sep 05, 2007 2: 28 pm    Post subject:
I had the same weight goal as you 20 pounds, it took me 8 weeks. It can be done everyone I ' m sure is different but small weight goals on atkins can be done.
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Conjugate Sep 05, 2007 7: 57 pm    Post subject:
You don ' t have a lot to lose, although it may seem that way at times. SAFE weightloss is a long, pinched out thing. It ' s going to take some time. If you give up, you ' re only going to make it that much harder. Stick with it, I know stalls are frustrating, but it ' s only been two weeks. Stalls and plateaus are natural, they happen. Don ' t bitch about it too much. If the stall continues for another two weeks, then post again and we ' ll start trying to figure out what ' s going on.
In the meantime, there are some things you can do to try and help bender the plateau. Add some exercise. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Get enough sleep. There is a whole chapter in the book about it, but I don ' t have my copy on me at this time.
Please see my post under princess ' s If you ' re in ketosis are you doing everything right.
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Couple Sep 05, 2007 10: 02 pm    Post subject:
Thanks, I will try and get through this annoying stall.
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Fri Sep 07, 2007 8: 57 pm    Post subject:
Well I have just lost 1. 5 lbs in the last 2 days so I am really hoping that the stall is now over.
For anyone else on a stall I did the following: -
I stopped having cheese.
I have cut down on the cream.
I stopped eating burgers ( even though they were cooked from fresh and were really good quality Aberdeen Angus ones )
I have increased my salad greens and veg ( although I am having more than the 3 handfulls! )
I am only eating chicken, ham and tuna as my protein meat.
I am not having eggs for breakfast everyday, some days I have had bacon.
I have increased my water intake on most days.
Dont really know if all of the above have helped but you never know.
Lets hope we can all get over these stalls as and when they happen.
I have now been freshly motivated and have now lost 13lbs on the Atkins diet in 1 month so I am very happy.
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Sat Sep 08, 2007 12: 01 pm    Post subject:
13 lbs is a great weight loss for you first month!!!!!! When I would get in a stall I would always cut back on the red meats and dairy products and up my water intake, would always seem to work: ) Hope your weight loss continous and very goodluck [ / icon_smile. gif]
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Sat Sep 08, 2007 12: 56 pm    Post subject:
great job when I had my stall I gave up red meats to Im so glad that nasty stall is over.
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Sat Sep 08, 2007 9: 00 pm    Post subject:
Hang in there and don ' t give up! I know sevearl people that have had great overall success with this diet. Results will happen.
Now remember that when I say the same thing so you can repeat these words to me, ok? * hehe *
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Mon Sep 10, 2007 8: 50 am    Post subject:
Thank you all for your support.
It is chicken and tuna for a while to see how it goes.
I have gone down a dress size which im really chuffed about as I had my uniform fitting for my new career the other week and it felt great to be a smaller size.
Keep up the good work.
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Mon Sep 10, 2007 12: 55 pm    Post subject:
I ' ve been stalled for 2 months now. I ' ve gotten strict again about my diet and my water and I ' m definately in ketosis. My husband says, that while I may not have lost more, my shape is still changing. I ' m patiently ( not ) waiting for the woosh fairy.
BTW, this is the weight that I was for several years. So the stall doesn ' t surprise me. I ' ve been told that our bodies have set points. If they are a certain weight long enough they think that ' s what we should be. As we come down in weight and hit the stick points the body goes " oh yeah, that ' s the weight I should be ). Eventually it gives in ( I hope ) and starts going down again till it finds another stick point.
I guess if batteries can have memories bodies certainly can lol
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Fri Sep 21, 2007 3: 19 am    Post subject:
Hang in there - - - MOst people get a pause after the first two weeks or so ( post induction stall syndrome - PISS ) things wil move again soon. I broke my stall at that stage by moving on into OWL
you will find you will hit plateaus and pauses here and there - i have not lost anything on the scales for TWO MONTHS now - But I do know that I am slowly shrinking during this time. My body is just retaining water for some reason but pretty soon i will get a visit fmor the whoooshie fairy and the scales will move again!11 октября 2008 г.

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