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Oct 13, 2008

First Week
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Tue Aug 05, 2008 4: 00 pm    Post subject: First Week
I just wanted to check with people already doing the atkins diet that i am acutally doing it correctly.
I have been having 2 eggs and 2 rashers of bacon for breakfast and for lunch it is much something like a small amount of lettuce a couple of tomatos, a small amount of cucumber and some cheese with mayo. For dinner i have been having things like sausages and eggs or fish with creamy cabbage. I dont feel i need to snack as i really dont feel that hungry during the day, but in the evening i have been having 4 strawberrys with double cream. I also go the the gym 3
times a week.
This seems to be working up til now as i have lost 5 pounds in as may days but i am just not sure if i am doing it correctly. Not sure if i am having enough carbs.
Any advice would be great
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Tue Aug 05, 2008 4: 56 pm    Post subject:
Hi Tomboy!!,
I ' m almost 100 % sure that you ' re not supposed to be eating strawberries during induction. Infact, no fruit is allowed during induction.
There ' s a sticky on the main page with a list of acceptable foods. You should check it out and make a mental note.
Good luck! [ / icon_smile. gif]
spring chicken
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Intermix Aug 06, 2008 5: 45 am    Post subject:
Thanks for the advice, what a shame i was really enjoying the strawberries oh well will corner off them for a while. do you think the rest of what i am eating sounds ok, still not sure if i am eating enough carbs.
Also i have a bit of a problem, i am invited out for a Chinese clash meal next week for my little niece birthday im really worried that there will not be anything for me to have. Has anyone had this problem or got any advice. Really dont want to put back the weight on that i have already lost. But want to enjoy a family meal out.
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Wed Aug 06, 2008 5: 19 pm    Post subject:
I ' m not sure what " creamy cabbage " is. If its a type of cabbage thats PROBABLY ok,, but if its some kind of recipe you should let us know what it is.
The chinese buffet is poison to an atkins diet. Almost every meat is sugared, and everything else is starch.
I feel your pain, my friends know I can eat like an animal and they want me to go to this all you can eat meat place, but everything they have is marinated or teryaki, and I cant touch it.
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Wed Aug 06, 2008 5: 23 pm    Post subject:
Hi thanks for the advise
Creamy Cabbage is just cabbage with double cream we had smoked haddock with it, it was really lovely, i got the receipe from a low carb site on the internet.
May have to give the meal a miss then just sit there and watch everyone else ( torture )
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Wed Aug 06, 2008 5: 29 pm    Post subject:
How much double cream?
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Wed Aug 06, 2008 5: 31 pm    Post subject:
Its not torture if you do what I did. Instead of looking at what they get to eat and being frustrated,,, be an ass like I am and cultivate a feeling of superiority.
Over the years I have quite literally convinced myself of my superiority re: my ability to resist the foods that the weaklings surrounding me are unable to stop stuffing into their face.
Oh, what? You are eating teryaki chicken with apple dumplings? That ' s nice..... does it suck to be a wuss? I wouldn ' t know.
Does this mentality work for everyone? Probably not, too many people in this world are nice [ / icon_smile. gif]
Luckily, I ' m not cursed with an overabundance of niceness.
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Wed Aug 06, 2008 5: 33 pm    Post subject:
Alright, Kyp. I ' m stealing that mentality completely.
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Wed Aug 06, 2008 5: 35 pm    Post subject:
No... Kyp... you ' re not... but you are blessed with an abundance of humor. [ / icon_lol. gif]
When I end up at an Asian restaurant I order one thing... steamed PLAIN chicken and steamed PLAIN vegetables with plain hot tea. Boring? Oh yes, but at least I get to eat and not wreck all that I ' ve worked for.

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