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Oct 14, 2008

Help with UK nutrition labels
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Tue Apr 08, 2008 11: 37 am    Post subject: Help with UK nutrition labels
This may sound stupid, but I could use a hand in understanding the UK nutritional labels pertaining to carbs.
Please have a look at the following label for Green & Blacks cocoa:
Nutrition Typical Values Per
Serving Unit 100g
Energy kJ 1458
kcal 350
Protein ( g ) 23. 6
Carbohydrate ( g ) 13. 6
- of which are sugars ( g ) 0. 4
Fat ( g ) 22. 3
- of which saturates ( g ) 13. 0
- of which monounsaturates ( g ) 7. 5
- of which polyunsaturates ( g ) 0. 8
- of which trans ( g ) 0. 0
Fibre ( g ) 28. 7
Sodium * ( mg ) 13. 0
* equivalent as salt ( g ) 0. 03
In atkins I read to get to the carbs you should be concerned about, you subtract the total carbs by the fibre carbs.
However, in this instance, the grams of fibre listed is more than the total carbs number?!?
Do I need to only concern myself with the ' Sugar carbs ' listed [which in this instance is 0. 4g] or is that way too good to be true?
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Tue Apr 08, 2008 4: 22 pm    Post subject:
the carbohydrate constists of sugar carbs and starch, and the fibre is just the fibre the total carb content of that particular food would be the fibre plus carb, what you are trying do calculate has already been done for you, but dont be fooled the carbohydrates where 0. 4g is the actual sugar, and the rmainder is starch which is also sugar stored in the plant form which broken down by your digestive system will give you simple sugar
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Wed Apr 09, 2008 10: 51 am    Post subject:
I found a previous discussion about UK labels, entitled ' carb \ fibre calculation ' ( I can ' t seem to be able to post the link ).
Apparently in the UK ' fibre carbs ' are shown completely seperate from Carbohydrates listed, and thus entire amount listed as Carbohydrates on UK labels should be counted as ' Impact Carbs '.
Does anyone agree or disagree?
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Wed Apr 09, 2008 1: 27 pm    Post subject:
In US, carbs are counted together with the fiber, so you have to subtract it. In Europe, they are counted separately. So on European labels, total carbs are the same as net carbs.

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