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Oct 10, 2008

Skin an hair problems
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Fri Aug 08, 2008 9: 40 pm    Post subject: Skin an hair problems
Hi I ' m new here and find the site very helpful, but I couldn ' t find anything with relation to dry skin and hair problems flaring up.
I have been on the Atkins diet before and although I lost weight I found my hair was lifeless, no body in it and my skin very dry. I decided that it was most probably due to me stuffing my exterior on too much bacon and fry ups.
I have since, also been taking something for candidis and my skin improved very.
I decided to try the Atkins again, but not the induction period, as I don ' t need to loose much weight. I have berries, nuts for breakfast. Omelette and salad for lunch and meat, or fish with veg for dinner. I also munch on avocado ' s and nuts through the day.
I feel I am eating a balanced diet, but my skin has gone very dry. I am eating enough fats, so I don ' t understand this reaction?
I have been on the diet for a week and have managed to loose 6lbs, which I ' m delighted with. I only need to loose about 7lb morebut wish to stay on the diet as it suits my lifestyle.
Has anyone else had these kind of problems and if so when can I expect my skin and hair to improve?
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Fri Aug 08, 2008 9: 46 pm    Post subject:
Are you drinking enough water? This diet is very diuretic and you could be dehydrated. Also, dry kin and hair may be symptoms of something else, hormonal or nutritional, have you done your bloodwork recently? You could be low on estrogen or some mineral elements... Or maybe your candida was not killed off completely.
Or, as I said previously, you could just be dehydrated.
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Fri Aug 08, 2008 10: 05 pm    Post subject:
Could be hormonal, as I am 56, but thought I was over that now. I have had check ups for thyroid and general health check, but nothing showed up.
I do drink through out the day, mainly hot water and lemon juice. I thought I was eating a pretty healthy diet, as I eat lots of oily fish, avocado etc.
The last time I was on Atkins I was on the induction, so i thought I could have been lacking some nutrients, or not taking enough vitamins. This time however, I have been eating very healthily, so am completely confused. Could I still be having die off symptoms?10 октября 2008 г.

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