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Oct 10, 2008

water. fyi
katty. weber
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Fri Feb 16, 2007 8: 42 pm    Post subject: water. fyi
i recently heard that for every 2lbs. of your body weighy you should drink 1 oz. of water.
so if you weigh 120, you should be drinking 60 oz. of water everyday.
also, this includes water based drinks; ie: flavored water, sugar - free koolaide, etc. but water is best.
just wanted to let everyone know this little tidbit!
i need to drink A LOT more! [ / icon_eek. gif]
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Fri Feb 16, 2007 11: 35 pm    Post subject:
its amazing how much water one has to drink.... ( moving side to side ) can you hear me sloshing around? [ / icon_eek. gif] we are on water restrictions here in Australia as there is a major drought where I live - - i have to be careful that the council doesnt book me for using so much water!!!!! hehehehe
katty. weber
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Mon Feb 19, 2007 8: 07 pm    Post subject: D14
that sucks that you are on a water restriction there!
can you buy water at the store? or water based drinks? i buy fruit2o, which is flavored, non - carbonated water! 0 carbs, 5 cals!
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Tue Feb 20, 2007 5: 05 pm    Post subject:
You are right on that, with one small, but important correction: sodas DON ' T count as water. So you need to drink all your plain water, and on top of that come your sodas, Kool - aids and whatnot.10 октября 2008 г.

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