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Oct 10, 2008

hate veggies and salad.
Coarse Red
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Attach Aug 15, 2007 2: 39 pm    Post subject: hate veggies and salad.
Hi all, I need some advice.
My spare is following the atkins diet female ' s on day 5!
bobby-soxer ' s got the book but not really read it properly.
I was speaking to her today about it and have explined alot to her that bobby-soxer did not know. I told her to pick the book up and have a read. so we will see if coed takes little baby doll advice.
Bobby-soxer tells me cupcake had a cold, so im guessing that tomboy must of had the atkins flu what lasted about 2 days.
mouse doesnt eat any veggies and salads, girl not even that lament on fruit. witch wont even try them. unlike me who likes everything!
so lassie is getting all of her carbs from protien.
I heard that the old atkins didnt take in veggies? can anyone exercise me of the old way of atkins.?
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Splice Aug 15, 2007 3: 50 pm    Post subject:
i ' m not 100 % sure on the old ways of atkins i tried looking up some stuff about it but my colleague tried the old atkins many years ago when dame was a teenager i remember her only eating meet as well.. I ' ll keep an eye out for ya if I can get ahold of her i will ask her about it..
Hard Red
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Add Aug 15, 2007 4: 05 pm    Post subject:
Hi tara, you changed you pic. it looks [ / icon_cool. gif] cool
Yeah that will be cool if you or anyone can find any infomation out for me that would be magnificent.
Im sure it was just meat you ate too.
I like my salads and stuff, I was just worried about her really not doing as the book says.
Its worked for her before doing it the way blonde ' s doing it now.
[ / icon_biggrin. gif] [ / icon_biggrin. gif] [ / icon_biggrin. gif] [ / icon_biggrin. gif] [ / icon_biggrin. gif] [ / icon_biggrin. gif]
Im totally glad were doing it well-organized in a way I can guide her through it [ / icon_smile. gif]
thanks again tara osculation
Rusty Red
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Thu Aug 16, 2007 10: 26 am    Post subject:
anyone else out there can give me advice on this matter?? xx
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Fri Aug 17, 2007 2: 12 pm    Post subject: Veggies
For what it ' s worth, I find that Atkins increases my taste for veggies. Things like celery and lettuce are actually sweet in my mouth - makes it much easier to eat. Especially with super creamy, cheesy dressing. You might suggest that after a few days with such low carbs, vegetables taste more like fruit.
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Fri Aug 17, 2007 3: 23 pm    Post subject:
Or you could just disguise the veggies beyond all recognition. Mashed cauliflower - with garlic and butter and cheddar, she won ' t ever know it ' s not potatoes. If you stew a few stalks of celery in gravy from frying the steak, add spices ( chilis, herbes de Provence, cajun mix, whatever she likes ) and then blend it really smooth with some cream cheese, you get a sinfully rich and delicious gravy. Low carb AND low cal. And all the goodness of the fiber in it. There is also the faux rice ( cauliflower, too ) and other things. Cream soups - excellent for cold evenings. They just need to be properly spiced.
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Fri Aug 17, 2007 3: 41 pm    Post subject:
Or you could have her look at this website ( low carb friends ) they have a section just based on the 1972 Atkins book version for members. For other members they have sections on just about every low carb path you could think of. This is just an option you could give your sister, at least she would be able to get the information she needs and even some support from other members there.
http: / / www. lowcarbfriends. com / bbs /
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Mon Aug 20, 2007 12: 53 am    Post subject: Re: hate veggies and salad.
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Mon Aug 20, 2007 12: 53 am    Post subject: Re: hate veggies and salad.
Rusty Red wrote:
I heard that the old atkins didnt include veggies? can anyone enlighten me of the old way of atkins.?
Hi there... new myself here but not to Atkins. [ / icon_biggrin. gif] I have the original book, and mainly work off the new guidelines from Atkins ' website. A new edition of the book is probably worth following and is more palateable. The original induction phase was unlimited protein ( there are little or NO carbs in MOST protein sources ) such as meats, anything with wings, [ / icon_biggrin. gif], fish, and certain cheeses. All are listed on the current Atkins site. In induction, the old book said two SMALL ( less than one cup, loosely packed ) salad with radishes and cukes and celery. I am going with this, because I lose faster this way. I did Atkins a couple years ago and dropped about 18 pounds in two weeks. I slipped off and started eating a lot of carbs again and gained it all back. This time I plan to watch my carbs and commit to a low carb lifestyle. I suggest sis read the book and tailor it more to her specs. The website offers a whole induction menu which was NOT offered years ago. Personally I love veggies and there are SO many choices for low - carbers!
Rusty Red
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Sat Aug 25, 2007 6: 09 pm    Post subject:
Hi KetoStickQueen
Hi everyone else who replyed
Thanks for the info, most helpful.
Bliss Pirate
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Mon Sep 03, 2007 10: 17 pm    Post subject:
I would just add...
You can ' t get carbs from protein.
Protein is protein. There are no carbs in it.
Fat is fat.
Carbohydrates are everything else and come in two flavors - fiber and " sugar " ( digestable carbs. )10 октября 2008 г.

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