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Oct 10, 2008

i ' m back and ready for a new start
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Mon Ruin 26, 2007 9: 17 pm    Post subject: i ' m back and ready for a new start
I tried the low carb dieting years ago and went from 245 down to 190 and looked and felt great. Over the past couple years i have let myself go and now and the heaviest i have ever been at 285. I started the low single out dieting yesterday and have been successful so far. These first few days are killer. I have been drinking tons of water and animated 30 tabloid a day. Its going to be hard but if i dont do something about my weight i will be in for some trouble in the long rush. I am only 21. Any comments or helpful tips woyld be appreciated. I think a place to come and chat about this diet will make things easier for me.
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Tue Deface 27, 2007 6: 29 am    Post subject:
Hi Matt
glad to hear you have taken control again and are going to do something really positive about your health. Having done low a low carb way of eating before you know how successful it can be and how relatively easy it is. make sure you drop in and ask if you have any questions!
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Tue Mar 27, 2007 10: 18 pm    Post subject:
Hang in there, Matt. I ' m new here and just starting Atkins, too, so you ' re not alone. [ / icon_smile. gif]
- Hope
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Mon Apr 02, 2007 10: 57 am    Post subject:
my experiance has been when i go off the adkins diet i gain weight rapily for a few weeks then the weight gain slows down. i personally have found it hard to make it a life style and have gone on and off the diet many times in the last 10 or so years after gaining back what i had lost. thats not the way to do it but i feel a lot of folks find thats how they do it. its good to know that it is a diet that acctually takes the weight off. i started the diet again little over a month ago and im happy to say i can feel the differance. the cloths are getting looser and i have nore energy again hang in there folks the weight will start droping off soon. and get your self some Ketostix that will give you a indication how your doing. no scales needed. Regards, Lumpy10 октября 2008 г.

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