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Oct 14, 2008

I realise why wl so low!!!
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Fri Jun 13, 2008 3: 49 am    Post subject: I realise why wl so low!!!
Good morning 4. 47am England [ / icon_eek. gif] and wide expert LOL
I realise that I have been having too much CREAM and I mean too much, I think thats why I only lost 3lb this week I must have had 4 touch 600ml pots this week if not more ( just think of the calories, I was only looking at the carb count!! ), I hadn ' t read the book properly on the ' cream ' bit and just used it as a license to have it, a spoon here a spoon there, in my quiche, cheesecake etc and sour cream too oooops...... no more for me for a bit LOL and it says I am up the 3lb today from MONDAY arggggggggg
Back to it for me from today to the basics no quiche etc: -
2 eggs and bacon
Jalepeno burger and salad for lunch
Salmon salad for dinner
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Fri Jun 13, 2008 4: 07 am    Post subject:
............... and I think too much cheese........ LOL...... gosh I will be soooooooooo thin next week LOL............ watch this space you may not be able to see me LOL.....................
Silly Billy, couldn ' t see the woods for the trees
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Fri Jun 13, 2008 7: 08 am    Post subject:
I hear ya - those hidden carbs treat to pile up really fast...
Cheese really binds stuff in your innards and may cause constipation, which leads to water retention, which leads to less weightloss and general crappy feeling. Plus, dairy fat is ( supposedly ) metabolised faster than body fat, so neither cheese nor cream are very good friends. Both are OK, but to be used in deduction.
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Fri Jun 13, 2008 8: 49 am    Post subject:
I used to have the recommended amount of cream and cheese, maybe a bit more, but I noticed that when I didn ' t have any ( just by chance ) I ' m losing more weight [ / icon_eek. gif]
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Fri Jun 13, 2008 12: 46 pm    Post subject:
The recommendation on cream is a LOT lower than I see some people using when I read their menus. The limit is 2 to 3 TBS per day ( according to my Atkins book, 2 TBS = 0. 8 carbs, so 3 TBS would be 1. 2 carbs ). The cheese is no more than 4 ounces ( 1 gram of carb per ounce ). If you ' re on induction, that ' s most of your non - veggie carbs if you ate all the cheese and cream that you ' re allowed each day! I usually have my 3 packets of Splenda limit, too... for 3 more carbs. It ' s hard to keep it at 20 grams a day!
My typical day:
12 - 15 g net carbs from veggies
2 from cheese ( just 2 oz a day for me )
1. 2 from cream
3 from Splenda...
Total is 18. 2 - 21. 2.
I just looked up cream in my NDR book. Found something I hadn ' t read / remembered reading... on page 379 in the " Pointers For Success " it says,
" Butter and cream sauces should be occasional treats, not a daily part of your eating plan. "
Kelly... I sure enjoy your style of writing!!! [ / icon_smile. gif]
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Fri Jun 13, 2008 4: 59 pm    Post subject:
Thanks Tril........ oooops just the 4 tubs of 600ml was a little over the top then * * * * * * wicked laugh * * * * * and the whole cheesecake was a definate no no then LOL ( spread over 24hrs of course he he )
.... But I tell you what I still had dark pink sticks * * wonders if the whoooooshhie fairy is coming soon * * * *................... good job she didn ' t come last week I ' d have probably put cream on her and ate her PMSL
p. s glad you enjoy, it just comes out as it pops in my head ( sometimes its a nightmare..... gets me in trouble LOL )

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