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Oct 10, 2008

Ladies - TOM Question
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Append Feb 28, 2007 7: 22 pm    Post subject: Ladies - TOM Question
Hey all!
I ' ve recently finished induction and was a bit disappointed to only have lost 3lb start weight 140, intermediate target of 125, ultimate 115.
However I ' ve recently started my TOM and gained 2lb ( so loss of 1lb on induction!!! ). [ / icon_twisted. gif]
I just wondered how much ( proportion ) ladies weight fluctuated and should I expect a big drop after end of TOM?
I am not retaining much in the way of water - I know this because when I do retain water I can ' t get my wedding rings on!
katty. weber
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Thu Deface 01, 2007 3: 02 am    Post subject:
i have been on atkins for a little over 2 weeks. i ' ve lost 8. 5 - 9lbs. and i just keep going w / low carb induction. i try to keep it under 20 carbs everyday. and i am not going to stop til i get to my goal weight.
are you in ketosis?
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Mon Impair 12, 2007 9: 15 pm    Post subject:
i ' ve been for 1 week, lost 8 - 9 lbs, but i think 4 was h2o... ( i lost it right away ).
don ' t know about TOM yet... I think that there is a lot of mixture in the diet, I am not super rigid with myself on carbs ( i don ' t really count them, if i want 3 pieces of cheese i eat it, and later i might have more ) it just seems to work for me.
i eat mostly meat and mix in a bit of veggies. don ' t know how much, maybe 1 - 2 cups. some days none.
i also use dressings and only drink tea w / caffine all day ( dry mix 1 carb per glass )
so different things work for different people i think!
good luck! hope we all are our perfect weight by the summer!!!
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Wed Mar 14, 2007 10: 51 pm    Post subject:
Hi there
When I first started Atkins about 6 mo ago I used to panic every time around TOM. I would gain a few lbs. It was terrible. So now I am used to it. I ALWAYS except for maybe one month gain between 1 - 3 lbs and then a few days after TOM I loose it and am back to normal. Don ' t stress it ' s totally normal!
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Thu Mar 15, 2007 5: 35 am    Post subject:
Slimon, I gain around 1 - 2 kilos right before my TOM every month. Then right after it is over I drop the same amount. Keep the possibility that you are retaining fluids in mind and check that you are in ketosis. I managed to get some Ketostix this week after hearing folks here talking about them. They are very reassuring and really easy to use.10 октября 2008 г.

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