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Oct 13, 2008

Net Carbs
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Mon Jun 09, 2008 11: 16 pm    Post subject: Net Carbs
What are net carbs?? Some Atkins Bars have 26g of carbs but then when you look at the packaging... it says 2 net carbs... what does it mean??
Do I count it as 2g of carbs or 26g??
Help PLEASE!! [ / icon_surprised. gif] )
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Mon Jun 09, 2008 11: 49 pm    Post subject:
That ' s the biggest question ever with no clear-cut answer. The best answer is... it depends.
First of all, the total carbs is 26 g. To get " net " carbs subtract the FIBER grams from the 26 total grams of carbohydrate. Because FIBER isn ' t digestable we can deduct them from the total... leaving only the carbs that effect insulin production. This is what we call " net carbs ". ( total g minus fiber g )
Now... here is where it gets pusillanimous. The Atkin ' s people also subtract the SUGAR ALCOHOL carbs. That ' s why the bar you have says it only has 2 grams of net carb. They ' ve deducted the sugar alcohol carbs. There is conflicting evidence as to whether or not sugar alcohol carbs effect insulin output. Some Atkins followers deduct sugar alcohol carbs, some do not. YOU will have to decide for yourself what works best for YOUR body. Either way, be very careful not to over indulge in sugar alcohols... never eat more than one serving at a time ( 1 / 2 serving would be my suggestion ) if you ' ve never eaten them before. They cause VIOLENT and DISGUSTING lower intestinal " issues ". Do NOT ask me how I know this. [ / icon_redface. gif] ( FYI, do not try them for the first time while camping... [ / icon_eek. gif] P ).
My suggestion... try one of those " net 2 g carb " bars with sugar alcohols on an empty stomach. Then pay attention to how you feel over the next hour or so. Are you hungrier than you ' d normally be after a snack? Feel like you need to eat more? Do you feel unsatisfied? Or do you notice no change at all? If sugar alcohols effect your insulin, you will feel something. At least... I do, anyway. If they don ' t, it should be like you just ate something with only 2 carbs in it.

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