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Oct 14, 2008

New to Boards; questions about total daily calories
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Thu Apr 17, 2008 12: 34 pm    Post subject: New to Boards; questions about total daily calories
I had a false start on the Atkins Diet yesterday and I wanted to ask if anyone else has a background similar to mine and perhaps they can offer advice.
About 16 yrs ago, before I knew about Atkins, I unknowingly did my own gag of this diet and lost even more weight than I had hoped to. So I believe in its learning. I have remained on a low fat, high protein and low * clear * carb diet ever since, but I do eat carbs - - fruits and vegetables largely with the intermittent piece of high fiber bread or a banana. Those carbs, I know, are what are not allowing me to lose weight now.
My system has always been very sensitive to insulin. My weight is stable, but I want ( need ) to lose five pounds. ( I know this may be ridiculous but on my frame it is noticeable and I figure it should not be THAT hard to just lose five pounds. I have also been trying to lose the same pounds for over two years now with zero results and that bothers me; it would be one thing if i didnt watch my daily intake but i measure it like a tout ).
My challenges come with Induction, as I am sure most people also experience:
1 ) I am used to eating most of my calories in the second half of the day. I typically work out in the mornings, so I wake up, apparel and leave the house. I ' ve tried in the past to shift my eating patterns earlier in the day ( ie dine like a pauper ) but I end up eating in the evening OR staying well-informed all night long. I cannot sleep if I do not have a full stomach ( which is fine but means I can only lose weight if I become an insomniac ).
2 ) I eat only 850 - 1000 calories per day and I work out 7 days per week, am fairly active. I do not know how I will captain to eat only protein and fat at this level and not gain weight initially.
Yesterday when I " succeeded " on Induction until bedtime, I had a difficult time ingesting the extra fat that I ' m not used to. It feels psychologically " wrong " to me to eat fat, even though I know that chemically Atkins works, I am scared of gaining weight when I begin as my body needs / uses very few calories now cleverly to preserve current weight. What I ate yesterday:
1 ) 1 hard boiled egg with 7 extra egg whites also boiled, with curry spice on top. 1 red pepper and 1 cup lettuce and 1 cucumber ( whole )
2 ) 1oz mackerel, 1oz cheese
3 ) two pork chops, 1 oz cheese, 1 c lettuce, 1c mushrooms
I drank a ton of H20 throughout the day. I also had more than 4 cups of decaf instant coffee, with a sweetener bought in my country called Huxol, it is german and the label says that each pellet has. 002g carbohydrate. I probably had 20 tablets in the course of the day. The label says it contains cyclamate natria, hydrocarbonate natria, citrate nitria, sugar-coated and lactose. 100g of the tablets is 20 cals and the whole container has only 72g worth of tabs in it.
At that point it was late evening and I went to bed.
I then got up around 1am, was hungry, and blew it all with some bread, an apple, a protein bar and a banana. BAD! But I can ' t help but think my body knows when it doesnt have carbs!
Does anyoen have advice to 1 ) stay on induction. I know if i can do that, that i will breeze thru the rest of this. and 2 ) not go over my current ( low ) calorie limit, ie not GAIN weight while on induction?
Thank you in advance for any help! [ / icon_smile. gif]
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Thu Apr 17, 2008 1: 58 pm    Post subject:
One of the things about atkins is that it gives you a metabolic advantage. This means that you can eat more calories than you normally would and still lose weight. Despite this, since you are coming from such a low calorie diet I think you will probably gain 2 - 3 lbs the first couple of days, but once you get into ketosis around the 3rd or 4th day, you will go back down and from there continue to go down.
This is speculation, but I think my knowledge of the diet is sound.
My suggestion to you is, eat when you ' re hungry and eat until you are satisfied. Don ' t count the calories right now, and don ' t keep the calories low. Keep your stomach and mind satisfied. It may seem like you are eating a lot, and you might be, BUT, soon your appetite will diminish greatly and you ' ll be eating much less.
You ' re going to have to get over your psychological thinking that fat is bad. You ' re amount of physical activity will only accelerate things and I think if you stick to it you ' ll do fine. If you ' re worried about gaining weight, don ' t weigh yourself until you are in ketosis or a couple of days after. Wait until 2 weeks are up if you can, and then you can weigh yourself more often if you like.
You ' re drinking plenty of water, you ' re exercising, you ' re eating enough vegetables. You ' re on the right track, just make sure especially in the beginning you eat enough to feel satisfied, but not too full. You ' ll soon be eating less and start to feel better.
When I was not atkinsing, I would be hungry all of the time. Now I forget to eat a lot because the hunger just isn ' t there. I also have much more energy. I mean, I used to have all the energy I needed for any activity I wanted to do, but I also used to get very sleeping mid afternoon. Now I ' m not tired any more.
Good luck, stick to the rules of induction and you ' ll be just fine.
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Thu Apr 17, 2008 3: 23 pm    Post subject:
Thanks so much. I guess if I ' m prepared for the gain it might be okay - - I am still scared though, as what if I gain and then can ' t get THAT off? that ' s my biggest fear. I failed at induction once ( bc of the ' fear of fat ' - - no thanks to the American Food Pyramid! ) and don ' t want to fail again! [ / icon_smile. gif]

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