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Oct 14, 2008

Scales are still going up............... WHAT
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Grapple Jun 18, 2008 11: 37 am    Post subject: Scales are still going up............... WHAT
just had a little peek........... 12. 4 172lb.................. I was only 169 on Mondays wi..................
My new week so far has consisted of: -
Brek; 2 boiled eggs
Lunch; " beef patties, cauli and broccolli ( with mayo, grated cheese and bacon bits on top )
Dinner; Tuna and 1 boiled egg green salad
Brek; Boiled egg, 1 slice of bacon
Lunch; prawns, feta, rocket and watercress salad, with oil dressing
Maybe its because I have not long eaten....................... but I have to say its getting me down [ / icon_mad. gif]
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Weld Jun 18, 2008 1: 14 pm    Post subject:
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Yoke Jun 18, 2008 3: 52 pm    Post subject:
wmc........... I was mearly stating the Fact that MOST people on here weigh themselves every / every other day and looooooooose weight and I haven ' t and I just wondered if there was something wrong with my menu thats why I posted!
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Coalesce Jun 18, 2008 3: 56 pm    Post subject:
whats in the beef patties hun?
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Agglutinate Jun 18, 2008 4: 02 pm    Post subject:
just beef steak mince, egg to bind..... bit of onion salt.... makes fair little burgers
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Copulate Jun 18, 2008 4: 05 pm    Post subject:
Are you drinking all the water? It REALLY makes a difference.
Are you taking any medication? BC?
Are you regular in the bathroom?
Are you exercising? Or at least motile?
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Slap on Jun 18, 2008 4: 06 pm    Post subject:
Kelly... I weigh every day and I do NOT lose every day. Not even close to that. I lost 1# this week. I ' ve gone as long as 10 days at the same weight. It happens. It doesn ' t mean you ' ve stopped losing FOREVER.
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Wed Jun 18, 2008 5: 58 pm    Post subject:
yeah after induction it REALLY slows down. i ' ve been on induction since end of march and have only lost 5 lbs maybe in the last month? just keep working at it you can do it. I fell of the atkins wagon a few times before and when i stopped doing atkins i felt awful and bloated and gained back a ton of weight and it was until i got back on atkins those few times that i felt great - it is hard, that is no lie, but the results are SO worth it in the end [ / icon_smile. gif]
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Wed Jun 18, 2008 10: 33 pm    Post subject:
Hi Kellyjane - -
Stick with it! Your menu looks great.
Keep in mind, your body likes the status quo. It works hard to keep things just like they are. Atkins is designed to change your metabolism, but your body will fight it for a while.
I sometimes think of my body as a separate personality, but more like a two - year - old. It says, " I want that and I want it now! " or it says, " No! " to what is good for it. Fortunately, I get to make the decisions for my body and I know what ' s good for the long - term. My body may fight to hold on to the weight by retaining water, slowing down my energy level, and flooding my brain with thoughts of unhealthy foods, but I know that if I stick with the program, we will both be happier in the future. ( Freud talked about the id, ego and super - ego, but don ' t get me started! ) [ / icon_smile. gif]
All that is to say, please be patient and keep strictly to the plan. If the scale makes you unhappy, put it in the closet for a couple of weeks. Just don ' t give up. You ' ll thank yourself later!
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Wed Jun 18, 2008 10: 43 pm    Post subject:
LOL, I love the concept of the body as an unruly two - years - old! LOL to that, and gosh, SO very true!! [ / icon_lol. gif] [ / icon_lol. gif] [ / icon_lol. gif]

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