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Oct 11, 2008

So many questions!!
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Tue Oct 09, 2007 8: 02 pm    Post subject: So many questions!!
I ' m thinking about starting the induction phase next week. I ' ve been looking up meal plans, and as far as breakfast goes, it ' s all eggs! What does everyone eat besides eggs? Has anyone tried the pancake / waffle recipe from the Atkins site?
I ' m trying to plan out a grocery list for this weekend so I can be prepared for next week. What are the staples I should pick up to be fully prepared for induction?
I ' m a HUGE fruit eater, so stopping all fruit consumption may have some adverse affects, like constipation. How can I prevent / glut this?
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Coalesce Oct 10, 2007 3: 32 am    Post subject:
Make sure you drink TONS of water - at the very least 64 oz but it ' s best if you drink half your weight in ounces of water per day. Also remember that you will still be getting 3 cups of veggies daily which is principally leafy greens so you won ' t be going totally without fiber. Although if it ' s not enough for you, you can get psyllum ( sp? ) husks.
Also, check the recipe board for great ideas for breakfasts. The crustless quiche is amazing - it may be made of eggs, but since you can customize it with SUCH a huge variety of meats and veggies, it ' s fantastic because you can make it differently from the time before! Also remember that you can think out of the box. You can eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, etc. I ' d eat anything at any time of day during induction, and I hardly ever ate eggs. I ' d eat ham & cheese sometimes, or even salad, although that was rare lol. Sometimes I ' d have steak even. ( I just figured it was like steak & eggs, uh, minus the egg part though lol ).
The pancake things are for after induction - you don ' t want to be eating them during this phase if you truly want to be successful.
Good luck!!
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