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Oct 14, 2008

What am I doing wrong?
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Adhere May 21, 2008 6: 42 pm    Post subject: What am I doing wrong?
HI All,
I have been on Atkins for 3 weeks now, on day 8 I had a huge cheat, but other than that I have been super strict. Eggs, Meat, Cheese, Lettuce, Cream
I can ' t seem to get my Keto stix to turn purple, I am lucky if they are in the trace level. What am I doing wrong? Could I be having too few vegetables or too much cream. I have one ice coffee from Dunkin a day with 2 spenda and cream. I am so upset I am so upset, my boyfriend is on it too and has already lost 12 lbs. I ' ve been zigzag up 3, down 3, up 3, down 3. I ' m just about losing my mind, plus I ' m constipated! Any help would be supremely appreciated!
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Add May 21, 2008 7: 27 pm    Post subject:
somethings off with your diet. i would stay pure with what you eat and drink and stay clear of anything purified or unecessary, like splenda like candy coffee drinks! [ / icon_eek. gif]
did you know that some people are so sensitive to splenda that it stalls their weight loss. I suspect this may be the wrongdoer but just to be sure, why don ' t you post your true food / drink intake for a typical day?
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Conjoin May 21, 2008 8: 00 pm    Post subject:
Ok so today is a bad example but I had a cheese stick for breakfast, then an ice coffee with cream and 2 splenda, then a whole head of romain ( heart ) salad with parm cheese and 0 carb cesar dressing, a bottle of h20 with crystal light. This however is the first time I ' ve had crystal light in at least a week. I ' ll go home and have a plethora of meat and maybe a side salad or spinach. Sometimes at night I ' ll have heavy cream whipped with splenda. So looks like splenda is the wrongdoer. I feel so limited and unsatisfied with all this meat. I don ' t even like meat! I am craving tomatoes and onions soooo bad! Is it OK to have a bit of them in my salads? I ' ve just been having lettuce.
Yesterday I ate, steak and cheese omelette, side of bacon, h20
Ice coffee, cream 2 splenda,
cesar salad and roasted chicken on top
I should probably be eating more but I can ' t stomach anymore meat and the cheese is binding me up.
Would a good enough diet be:
egg beaters and cheese for breakfast
cesar salad for lunch
spinach and chicken for dinner?
Is there anywhere that I can find samples of dieters meals while in the induction phase on this forum?
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Pair May 21, 2008 8: 13 pm    Post subject:
Hmm... I think splenda AND the cream is the wrongdoer!!! Normally, you should limit the cream to a few tablespoons and i hazard there is more than that in your coffee. Plus, are you taking decaf coffee? Caffeine is NOT good for the body and this diet.
Cut those out. I know you want to eat a bunch of different things but your health, well - being and hot bod in a pair of skinny jeans needs to be more important. Maybe re - read the Dr Atkins book and follow the induction diet plan to a T ( its only 14 days, you can do it ).
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Wed May 21, 2008 8: 15 pm    Post subject:
there is a stciky for all the acceptable foods you can have. you can have onion and tomatos as long as they are included in your net carb amount for the day.
hope this help
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Wed May 21, 2008 8: 17 pm    Post subject:
Egg beaters are quite high in carbs, I seem to remember; you are much better off with real eggs.
You are eating not nearly enough vegetables - look up the list of acceptable foods ( a sticky in this forum ) for vegetables you can eat.
You didn ' t say anything about your water intake - personally, I suspect that ' s where your problem is. You must drink AT LEAST 2 litres ( 64 oz ) of plain or sparkling water every day. More is better. Any other liquids - diet sodas ( that would be crystal light ), tea, coffee etc, are OK, but in addition to the water limit, not instead.
More water and mixed vegetables will help with constipation and weightloss. There is no weightloss possible without water!
In general, every time you have a choice between processed and unprocessed foods, you should choose things which are as natural as possible. Processed foods have incredible amounts of weird substances added for flavor, shelf life, color and whatnot. They may play havoc with your metabolism. The less processed, the better.
Please read ( or re - read ) the book - it is a very valuable source of information.
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Thu May 22, 2008 5: 51 pm    Post subject:
I, too, am out of ketosis right now. I have been sick non - stop for what will be 2 weeks tomorrow. Do you think mine has anything to do with that? I still lost a few lbs. I assume I was also kicked out of ketosis because I slightly strayed from Atkins while back home. But I have been back on very strict since the 18th. I also haven ' t been able to exercise since I got back ( did not exercise in MN for 2 wks ) because Ihave been having problems with my left knee cracking and popping out of place. I went to the dr. and if it does not resolve itself soon they may have to run an MRI on it. Well also went to the dr. today and have to rotate out 5 different kinds of meds to get rid of this sickness - do you think that even though I have been sticking to Atkins since the 18th and have been real sick - I haven ' t lost my appetite real bad either - that could be affecting me being in ketosis? Thanks!

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